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What are you doing?

from, Mesl-e Har Kas

IRIB, Channel 2




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 0 mother: What are you doing? مادر: چکار داری می‌کنی؟
 1 mother: Why are you sitting [all]  alone? (Normally, a verb like neshastei in the Present Perfect tense is stressed on the last syllable. However, in this case, tanha has grabbed the sentence stress for itself and over-ridden this rule so the stress of neshastei has moved back one position: neSHAStei. Please see the exercises. You may like to transcribe this verb as neshasti, closer to the pronunciation which is fine but just don't confuse it with the Simple Past tense in the process!) مادر: چرا تنها نشسته‌ی؟
 2 son: Just like that. (This is a vague answer meaning "not much" or "nothing special.") پسر: همین جوری.
 3 mother: So why didn't you come in my room to me? مادر: پس چرا نیومدی تو اتاق پیش من؟
 4 son: I had a little book-keeping (account(s) - book(s). (He might have had some accounts to put in order however it is just as likely he is using this as a synonym of line #2, "hamin juri", meaning he's just taking care of "stuff" and not in the mood to say.) پسر: یه خرده حساب‌کتاب داشتم.
 5 son: What's up? (What news?) پسر: چه خبر؟
 6 mother:  Fine. مادر: سلامتی.