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How to Warm your Hands, a cute expression in Gilaki


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Ah, in the cases when it is supposed to be, a job by another [person] be carried out or a job has dependence on the carrying out by others, اِ اِ در مواردی که قرار هست یک کاری توسط دیگری انجام بشه یا یک کاری بستگی داره به انجام دیگران،
  we ourselves from [to] the undertaking of it do not rise up or we are not able to perform [it] خود ما از عهده‌اش بر نمیایم یا نمی‌تونیم انجام بدیم
  or we are expecting another to carry it out, this in the language of Gilaki, they have a special ... proverb to explain this issue, they say that یا منتظریم دیگری انجام بده، اینو در زبان گیلکی یهههه ضرب‌المثل خاصی دارن برای توجیه این مسئله، میگن که
  So-and-so ...  his hands ... warm.... (This part in Gilaki dialect is not quite comprehensible to a speaker of standard Persian) «فلانی خود دستش شالِ کونِ جیر گرم هاکانه.»
  meaning so-and-so person warms his hand(s) under the behind of jackal یعنی فلان کس دستش رو زیرِ ماتحتِ شغال گرم می‌کنه.

with the meaning that [he has become so helpless that when] his hand is cold, he [has no other recourse but to] put it under the behind or under the butt of jackal



به این معنی که دستش سرده، بذاره زیرِ ماتحت، یا زیرِ کونِ شغال بذاره
  That [when] it would produce a wind and [then] that his hand become warm که اون بادی در بکنه و که دستش گرم بشه.
  Now in some cases that our work is dependent on the work of others or the others should do this work, they bring up this proverb حالا در بعضی موارد که کارِ ما به کارِ دیگران بستگی داره یا دیگران باید این کارو انجام بدن، این ضرب‌المثل رو میارن.
  for it is not done by us, we are in hope of the others that others do this job for us. که از خودِ ما ساخته نیست، به امیدِ دیگران هستیم که دیگران این کارو برای ما انجام بدن.
  The naming or, as they say, the stuff of this proverb is just this وجهِ تسمیه یا به اصطلاح چیزِ این ضرب‌المثل هم همین هست
Special thanks to Mr. Beykzadeh of Pars Books, Inc in Westwood, Los Angeles who in the course of explaining why he'd run out of copies of the book we needed, peppered the conversation with this Gilaki saying which was so delightful, we asked him to please repeat it for the camera and the benefit of the students. If you can, you also try to visit Tehrangeles  where you will find such unexpected delights and kind and generous people who will speak to you in Persian in every shop and restaurant.