3) $t = 1; $questions = array(); $suffix = array(1 => '', 'ه', 'ِ'); $level = ''; $column = array(1 => 'a', 'c', 'b'); $test_title = "Stress in words ending in -e"; switch ($t) { case 1: $test_title .= " (easy)"; $level = 'e'; // $bgcolor = "#99CC00"; $questions[] = array("آفتاب", "sun", "water pitcher for toilet use"); $questions[] = array("امروز", "today", "nowadays"); $questions[] = array("بدن", "body", "hull, frame, trunk"); $questions[] = array("باطل", "useless", "scrach [paper]"); $questions[] = array("بایست", "must", "proper"); $questions[] = array("بنفش", "violet (color)", "violet (flower)"); $questions[] = array("بیم", "fear", "insurance"); $questions[] = array("پیشرفت", "progress", "jutting out"); $questions[] = array("تخت", "throne", "board"); $questions[] = array("خال", "spot", "aunt"); $questions[] = array("خام", "raw", "cream"); $questions[] = array("خراب", "demolished", "ruins"); $questions[] = array("خرید", "shopping", "purchased"); $questions[] = array("دربار", "court", "regarding"); $questions[] = array("دقیق", "exact", "minute (60 seconds), small detail"); $questions[] = array("نشست", "meeting", "having sat down"); $questions[] = array("نصف", "half", "half-done"); $questions[] = array("نقش", "design, role", "plan, map"); $questions[] = array("هفت", "seven", "week"); $questions[] = array("واقع", "located, reality", "incident"); $questions[] = array("افسون", "incantation, charm", "fable (usually afsāne only)"); $questions[] = array("چون", "because, as", "chin or dough"); $questions[] = array("دون", "lowly", "seed"); $questions[] = array("خون", "blood", "house"); $questions[] = array("زبون", "despicable", "flame"); break; case 2: $test_title .= " (medium)"; $level = 'm'; // $bgcolor = "#FFCC00"; $questions[] = array("آشیان", "nest", "nest, hangar"); $questions[] = array("بافت", "texture", "woven"); $questions[] = array("بدیع", "new", "novelty"); $questions[] = array("بی‌قرین", "peerless", "unsymmetrical"); $questions[] = array("بیش", "more", "thicket"); $questions[] = array("پاییز", "autumn", "autumnal"); $questions[] = array("پیشامد", "event", "protruding"); $questions[] = array("پیشین", "former", "record"); $questions[] = array("تبر", "axe", "nose-bag"); $questions[] = array("تخم", "seed, egg, testicle", "roasted seed"); $questions[] = array("ترق", "cracking", "firecracker"); $questions[] = array("تیر", "arrow", "dark; family"); $questions[] = array("جانان", "beloved, sweetheart", "lovely"); $questions[] = array("جایز", "permitted", "prize"); $questions[] = array("چرند", "nonsense", "grazing"); $questions[] = array("حافظ", "preserver", "memory"); $questions[] = array("حامل", "bearer", "pregnant"); $questions[] = array("حفر", "digging", "pit"); $questions[] = array("حمل", "transport; Aries", "attack"); $questions[] = array("خاتم", "seal, signet", "conclusion"); $questions[] = array("خاص", "special", "especially"); $questions[] = array("خاطر", "mind, memory", "reminiscence"); $questions[] = array("خبیث", "malicious", "impure thing"); $questions[] = array("خراش", "scratch", "filings"); $questions[] = array("خرد", "little; wisdom", "bit"); $questions[] = array("خزان", "creeping; autumn", "treasury"); $questions[] = array("خطاب", "speech", "lecture, sermon"); $questions[] = array("خفی", "secret", " secret; secrecy"); $questions[] = array("خلاص", "deliverance", "summary"); $questions[] = array("داخل", "inside", "internal"); $questions[] = array("دامن", "skirt", "scope"); $questions[] = array("دربست", "whole", "closed"); $questions[] = array("دندان", "tooth", "cog"); $questions[] = array("دهان", "mouth", "opening"); $questions[] = array("رند", "rascal", "plane"); $questions[] = array("ریخت", "shape, figure, cast", "spilled, poured"); $questions[] = array("زمان", "time, tense", "the times, fate, fortune"); $questions[] = array("زمین", "earth, ground", "background"); $questions[] = array("سابق", "former, previous; old days", "record, precedent antecedent"); $questions[] = array("ساخت", "construction, make, manufacture", "manufactured"); $questions[] = array("ساق", "stem, stalk; foreleg, shin", "stem, stalk"); $questions[] = array("سبز", "green", "verdure, greens; of a dark complexion"); $questions[] = array("سفید", "white", "dawn; egg-white"); $questions[] = array("سنبل", "hyacinth", "ear of corn; spike; Virgo"); $questions[] = array("شاخ", "horn", "branch"); $questions[] = array("شست", "thumb; big-toe", "washed"); $questions[] = array("شناخت", "recognition. acquaintance. knowledge", "recognized, known"); $questions[] = array("صحن", "courtyard; large dish", "stage"); $questions[] = array("صدق", "truth", "alms"); $questions[] = array("صرف", "consuming; conjugation", "profit; economy"); $questions[] = array("طبق", "conformity; dish", "layer; category; story"); $questions[] = array("طرف", "side direction", "novelty; rarity"); $questions[] = array("طریق", "way, road", "method, manner"); $questions[] = array("طعم", "flavor", "bait, prey"); $questions[] = array("عریض", "wide", "petition"); $questions[] = array("عمد", "intention, resolution", "chief, main"); $questions[] = array("عهد", "era; treaty, convenant", "responsibility, undertaking"); $questions[] = array("فیروز", "victorious", "turqoise"); $questions[] = array("مبارز", "fighter", "fighting"); $questions[] = array("مبل", "furniture; sofa", "furnished"); $questions[] = array("نرد", "backgammon", "hand-rail; staircase"); $questions[] = array("نرم", "soft, gentle", "soft part"); $questions[] = array("نسخ", "abrogation; naskh calligraphy style", "copy; recipe; prescription"); $questions[] = array("نشان", "sign", "indication; memento, reminder"); $questions[] = array("نظّار", "spectators, controllers", "looking, watching; spectator"); $questions[] = array("نقلی", "traditional, scriptural", "transport (service)"); $questions[] = array("نهاد", "nature; habit; composition", "placed, inlaid"); $questions[] = array("نیم", "half", "half; half-done; half-size"); $questions[] = array("هرز", "loose, wasted, gone", "profligate, dissolute, abusive"); $questions[] = array("هزار", "thousand", "group of a thousand"); $questions[] = array("وثیق", "firm, sure", "security"); $questions[] = array("کمیت", "bay horse with black tail and mane", "committee"); break; case 3: $test_title .= " (hard)"; $level = 'h'; // $bgcolor = "#99CCFF"; $questions[] = array("آسمان", "sky", "canopy"); $questions[] = array("اثاث", "furniture", "equipment, household furniture"); $questions[] = array("باخت", "loss", "lost"); $questions[] = array("باطل", "useless", "scrach [paper]"); $questions[] = array("بایست", "must", "proper", 1); $questions[] = array("بدر", "full moon", "bag of money"); $questions[] = array("بذل", "munificence", "witty jest"); $questions[] = array("بشر", "mankind", "epidermis"); $questions[] = array("بلدی", "municipal", "municipality"); $questions[] = array("بلی", "yes", "calamity", 1); $questions[] = array("بهر", "sake", "profit"); $questions[] = array("بهین", "better, best", "best"); $questions[] = array("پرند", "silk", "bird"); $questions[] = array("پشمین", "woolen", "woolen garment"); $questions[] = array("تخم", "egg", "indigestion"); $questions[] = array("تفال", "augury", "dross, refuse"); $questions[] = array("تقی", "virtuous", "dissimulation"); $questions[] = array("تلخ", "bitter", "ryegrass"); $questions[] = array("تهی", "empty", "preparation"); $questions[] = array("تیغ", "razor, thorn", "blade"); $questions[] = array("ثمر", "fruit", "fruit, offspring"); $questions[] = array("جاذب", "attractive", "attractive force"); $questions[] = array("جامع", "comprehensive", "society"); $questions[] = array("جزغال", "dripping, fried fat", "burnt"); $questions[] = array("جمّاز", "swift-footed, dromedary camel", "female dromedary camel"); $questions[] = array("حادث", "new", "accident"); $questions[] = array("حبیب", "female friend", "male friend"); $questions[] = array("حدید", "iron", "piece of iron, die"); $questions[] = array("حرف", "talk", "profession"); $questions[] = array("حشر", "assembling", "insect"); $questions[] = array("خرخر", "snoring", "a snore"); $questions[] = array("خرف", "dotard, weak-minded", "Pursiane plant"); $questions[] = array("خرق", "rending, tearing", "cloak"); $questions[] = array("خست", "stinginess", "tired"); $questions[] = array("خصی", "castrated", "testicle"); $questions[] = array("خطی", "handwritten", "fault, sin"); $questions[] = array("خفت", "levity", "asleep"); $questions[] = array("خمیر", "dough", "natural disposition"); $questions[] = array("خورند", "suitable", "eater"); $questions[] = array("خیار", "cucumber", "groove"); $questions[] = array("خیر", "welfare", "dazzled"); $questions[] = array("خیم", "disposition, nature", "tent"); $questions[] = array("داس", "sythe, sickle", "awn"); $questions[] = array("داعی", "missionary", "claim"); $questions[] = array("دایر", "in working order", "circle"); $questions[] = array("دلال", "broker", "guiding"); $questions[] = array("دماغ", "nose; brain", "cape, promontory"); $questions[] = array("دوشاخ", "two-horned", "plug, fork"); $questions[] = array("دیرین", "old", "old, long"); $questions[] = array("دیز", "colored; dark grey, black", "dark grey, black"); $questions[] = array("ذبیح", "sacrificed, slaughtered (animal or person)", "sacrificed, slaughtered (animal)"); $questions[] = array("رئیس", "head, boss", "of the council"); $questions[] = array("رابط", "intermediary", "relation"); $questions[] = array("راهب", "monk", "nun"); $questions[] = array("رخسار", "face", "face, countenance"); $questions[] = array("رقاص", "male dancer", "female dancer"); $questions[] = array("ریس", "(thread) spinner", "queue"); $questions[] = array("زائد", "superfluous", "hyperbola"); $questions[] = array("زاغ", "blue; raven, crow", "cave, hut"); $questions[] = array("زهراب", "urine", "toxin"); $questions[] = array("زهر", "poison", "gall-bladder"); $questions[] = array("زیاد", "much, many, too", "more"); $questions[] = array("زین", "saddle", "step, staircase"); $questions[] = array("سرداب", "cellar, crypt,", "cellar, crypt, catacombs"); $questions[] = array("سردست", "cuff", "captain"); $questions[] = array("سرم", "serum", "collyrium"); $questions[] = array("سفت", "tight", "pierced"); $questions[] = array("سفر", "trip", "dining cloth"); $questions[] = array("سند", "document", "turd"); $questions[] = array("سهمی", "based on number of shares", "share"); $questions[] = array("شاعر", "poet", "poetess"); $questions[] = array("شام", "dinner; Damascus", "sense of smell"); $questions[] = array("شایع", "prevalent", "rumor"); $questions[] = array("شبان", "shepherd", "nocturnal"); $questions[] = array("شرح", "explanation, details", "slice"); $questions[] = array("شرشر", "noise of flowing water", "rapids"); $questions[] = array("شرط", "condition", "favorable wind"); $questions[] = array("شعب", "branch offices", "branch office"); $questions[] = array("شفت", "crooked", "concrete"); $questions[] = array("شمش", "bullion", "plumb-line"); $questions[] = array("شهر", "city", "celebrated (person or thing)"); $questions[] = array("شکمبند", "corset", "glutton"); $questions[] = array("صدیق", "true friend (male)", "true friend (female)"); $questions[] = array("صغیر", "minor (child)", "venial sin"); $questions[] = array("صلبی", "consanguineous", "sclerotic (coat)"); $questions[] = array("صنیع", "work, deed; skilful", "work, deed"); $questions[] = array("ضایع", "lost", "wastage"); $questions[] = array("ضرب", "tempo", "stroke, blow"); $questions[] = array("ضعیف", "weak", "woman"); $questions[] = array("طاق", "arch; odd", "piece (of linen, etc)"); $questions[] = array("طبل", "drum", "tray"); $questions[] = array("طیار", "flying", "airplane"); $questions[] = array("طیب", "good", "good deed"); $questions[] = array("طیر", "birds", "bad omen"); $questions[] = array("عادل", "just", "fair (price)"); $questions[] = array("عارض", "face", "accident"); $questions[] = array("عاری", "naked", "loan"); $questions[] = array("عاقل", "wise", "elderly"); $questions[] = array("عام", "common, general", "the public"); $questions[] = array("عتیق", "antiquated", "antique, relic"); $questions[] = array("عرش", "the empyrean; throne", "deck"); $questions[] = array("عرض", "width", "presentation"); $questions[] = array("عرف", "secular law", "day of Hāj ceremonies at Mt. `Arafāt "); $questions[] = array("عشق", "love", "ivy, bindweed; a swing"); $questions[] = array("عقب", "behind", "follow-up"); $questions[] = array("عقد", "contract", "knot"); $questions[] = array("عقرب", "Scorpio", "clock-hand"); $questions[] = array("عمل", "act, operation", "manual laborer"); $questions[] = array("عنبی", "grape-like, vinous", "iris of the eye"); $questions[] = array("غامض", "abstruse", "abstruse problem"); $questions[] = array("غدار", "traitor", "broadsword"); $questions[] = array("غرق", "drowning", "drowned"); $questions[] = array("غریب", "strange; stranger", "strange thing"); $questions[] = array("غسال", "washer of the dead", "washing"); $questions[] = array("غمز", "a wink", "amorous glance"); $questions[] = array("غند", "gathered together", "grumbling"); $questions[] = array("فاتح", "conqueror", "exordium"); $questions[] = array("فاحش", "obscene", "prostitute"); $questions[] = array("فارس", "Fars province", "Persepolis"); $questions[] = array("فاصل", "separating line of demarcation", "space"); $questions[] = array("فاق", "split, notch", "poverty"); $questions[] = array("فرزان", "wise or learned", "wise or learned person"); $questions[] = array("فرضی", "imagined", "theory"); $questions[] = array("فرق", "difference", "sect"); $questions[] = array("فرید", "unique", "a unique pearl or gem"); $questions[] = array("فضل", "favor, grace", "residue, excrement"); $questions[] = array("فطر", "breaking a fast", "by nature"); $questions[] = array("فعل", "act, action", "manual laborer"); $questions[] = array("فقر", "poverty", "vertebra, item"); $questions[] = array("فندق", "hazel-nut, filbert", "achene"); $questions[] = array("فین", "snot", "fez"); $questions[] = array("قائم", "vertical, erect", "perpendicular"); $questions[] = array("قاهر", "powerful", "Cairo"); $questions[] = array("قبال", "front", "title-deed"); $questions[] = array("قبض", "bill", "handle"); $questions[] = array("قبل", "ago, before", "direction in which to pray"); $questions[] = array("قبل", "side, part", "direction in which to pray"); $questions[] = array("قبیل", "kind, category", "tribe"); $questions[] = array("قرض", "debt", "loan"); $questions[] = array("قرین", "symmetrical", "symmetry"); $questions[] = array("قصب", "kind of linen", "small town"); $questions[] = array("قطر", "diameter", "drop"); $questions[] = array("قطع", "cutting", "piece"); $questions[] = array("قلب", "heart; counterfeit", "kidney"); $questions[] = array("قلم", "pen; entry", "cutting (horticulture)"); $questions[] = array("قنداق", "swaddling-clothes", "gunstock"); $questions[] = array("قیم", "tutor", "minced meat"); $questions[] = array("گذار", "passing, passage", "passing, passage; ferry; passing of time"); $questions[] = array("گذشت", "generous", "past"); $questions[] = array("گریبان", "collar", "involucre (botany)"); $questions[] = array("گشاد", "wide", "open(ed)"); $questions[] = array("گندم", "wheat", "freckle"); $questions[] = array("لازم", "necessary; intransitive", "essential to, requisite"); $questions[] = array("لاش", "corpse, carcass, carrion", "corpse, carcass"); $questions[] = array("لخت", "piece", "clot of blood"); $questions[] = array("لرز", "tremor, fear", "shudder(ing), trembling, tremor, quake"); $questions[] = array("لطیف", "delicate, elegant", "wit; joke"); $questions[] = array("لفاف", "cover, wrapper", "cover, guise"); $questions[] = array("لیر", "lira", "pound (sterling)"); $questions[] = array("لیس", "lap", "scraper"); $questions[] = array("لیف", " loofah; fiber, filament", "loofah, bathbag; wad of cotton in inkpot"); $questions[] = array("ماش", "vetch, legume", "trigger, pincers"); $questions[] = array("ماشی", "greenish yellow, mossgreen", "walking (animal)"); $questions[] = array("متعلق", "belonging, pertining, dependent", "supported or dependent wife"); $questions[] = array("متفرق", "dispersed", "miscellaneous, sundry"); $questions[] = array("محارب", "combatant", "fighting, war"); $questions[] = array("محاسب", "accountant", "calculation"); $questions[] = array("محافظ", "guardian", "sense of modesty; conservativeness"); $questions[] = array("محاکم", "trials, hearings", "trial, hearing"); $questions[] = array("محصن", "married man", "married woman"); $questions[] = array("محل", "locality; heed", "neighborhood"); $questions[] = array("مداخل", "earnings", "intervention"); $questions[] = array("مدافع", "defender", "defense"); $questions[] = array("مدرس", "teacher", "school"); $questions[] = array("مرتب", "regular", "rank; time"); $questions[] = array("مبل", "furniture; sofa", "furnished"); $questions[] = array("مرسل", "sent", "consignment, thing sent"); $questions[] = array("مرقوم", "written", "letter"); $questions[] = array("مزارع", "farms", "contract of farm letting"); $questions[] = array("مساعد", "favorable", "advance money"); $questions[] = array("مسخر", "conquered", "clown; ridicule"); $questions[] = array("مسطور", "written, aforesaid", "sample"); $questions[] = array("مشاعر", "senses; intelligence", "poetry contest"); $questions[] = array("مشاور", "consultant", "consulting together"); $questions[] = array("مشت", "fist, handfull", "shoemaker's mallet"); $questions[] = array("مشروط", "constitutional", "constitutional government"); $questions[] = array("مصاحب", "companion", "interview"); $questions[] = array("مصادر", "verbal nouns", "requisition, fine"); $questions[] = array("مصالح", "donor; interests; materials; seasonings", "compromise, exchange"); $questions[] = array("مطابق", "according to, conforming to", "act of comparing"); $questions[] = array("مطالب", "matter, subject", "claiming, demanding"); $questions[] = array("مطلق", "absolute, unconditional, independent", "divorced woman"); $questions[] = array("مظلم", "dark, gloomy, disastrous", "oppression"); $questions[] = array("معادل", "equivalent", "equation"); $questions[] = array("معارض", "opponent", "opposition"); $questions[] = array("معارف", "learnings", "ceremonial introduction of persons to each other"); $questions[] = array("معالج", "treating", "medical treatment"); $questions[] = array("معامل", "one who transacts business with another", "transaction, deal"); $questions[] = array("معترض", "objector, protester", "coming in or between"); $questions[] = array("معد", "travelling, swift", "stomach"); $questions[] = array("مغار", "gouge", "cave, den"); $questions[] = array("مفسد", "seditious person", "mischief"); $questions[] = array("مقابل", "opposite, corresponding", "comparison"); $questions[] = array("مقاطع", "sections, passages", "contract"); $questions[] = array("مقدم", "arrival; prior, preferred", "introduction"); $questions[] = array("ملتحم", "healing, connective", "conjunctiva"); $questions[] = array("منزل", "halting place; stage; home", "rank, esteem"); $questions[] = array("منطق", "logic, rational", "area"); $questions[] = array("منظر", "appearance, aspect", "view"); $questions[] = array("منظوم", "versified", "versified poem"); $questions[] = array("مهر", "affection; sun", "marble; vertebra"); $questions[] = array("مواخذ", "liable to be called to account", "calling to account"); $questions[] = array("مواقع", "occasions", "sexual intercourse"); $questions[] = array("مکاتب", "schools", "correspondence"); $questions[] = array("میان", "middle", "liason"); $questions[] = array("میزان", "amount; measure, meter; libra", "measure, time, tempo"); $questions[] = array("میل", "bar, rod; desire, inclination", "bar, rod"); $questions[] = array("نادر", "rare", "rarity"); $questions[] = array("ناطق", "talking, speaker; rational", "faculty of speech"); $questions[] = array("ناف", "navel", "bag of musk"); $questions[] = array("ناقل", "transmitter, narrator", "means of transport"); $questions[] = array("نظری", "theoretical, speculative", "view, recommendation"); $questions[] = array("نظیر", "equal, like", "example, similar thing"); $questions[] = array("نفخ", "blowing, swelling", "a blowing or blast"); $questions[] = array("نقار", "enmity; quarrel, dispute", "kettledrum"); $questions[] = array("نقیض", "contradictory (remark) , contrary, opposite", "contradictory remark or judgment"); $questions[] = array("نمس", "ichneumon", "Austria , Germany"); $questions[] = array("نیل", "obtaining; Nile; indigo", "grey horse"); $questions[] = array("هائل", "terrible", "frightful event"); $questions[] = array("هال", "hall; goal (football)", "halo"); $questions[] = array("واریخت", "settlement", "settled (account)"); $questions[] = array("کلاف", "skein", "skein; harassed"); $questions[] = array("کهین", "younger, youngest,", "younger, youngest, junior; old"); $questions[] = array("مرز", "frontier", "sweet fennel"); break; case 4: $test_title = "Positive or Negative Question in Present Perfect?"; $bgcolor = "#E7B6CE"; $questions[1] = array("تنها نشسته‌م؟", "تنها نشسته‌ی؟", "تنها نشسته؟", "تنها نشسته‌یم؟", "تنها نشسته‌ین؟", "تنها نشسته‌ن؟"); $questions[2] = array("تنها ننشسته‌م؟", "تنها ننشسته‌ی؟", "تنها ننشسته؟", "تنها ننشسته‌یم؟", "تنها ننشسته‌ین؟", "تنها ننشسته‌ن؟"); $answers[1] = array("Have I sat down alone?", "Have you sat down alone?", "Has he/she/it sat down alone?", "Have we sat down alone?", "Have you sat down alone?", "Have they sat down alone?"); $answers[2] = array("Have I not sat down alone?", "Have you not sat down alone?", "Has he/she/it not sat down alone?", "Have we not sat down alone?", "Have you not sat down alone?", "Have they not sat down alone?"); $filenames[1] = array("stress1Series4_37", "stress1Series4_39", "stress1Series4_41", "stress1Series4_43", "stress1Series4_45", "stress1Series4_47"); $filenames[2] = array("stress1Series4_38", "stress1Series4_40", "stress1Series4_42", "stress1Series4_44", "stress1Series4_46", "stress1Series4_48"); break; } if (isset($_POST['check'])) { $data = $_POST['data']; $newdata = explode(":", base64_decode($data)); $answer = $newdata[0]; $question = $newdata[1]; $answers = explode(",", $newdata[2]); } else { srand((float)microtime() * 1000000); $answer = rand(1, 3); $question = rand(0, count($questions)-1); $answers = array(1, 2, 3); shuffle($answers); $data = "$answer:$question:".implode(",", $answers); $data = base64_encode($data); } ?> \n


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