Farsi in Win2000

  Go Start > Settings > Control Panel and click on "Regional Options"

Find the "Input Locales" tab and click on "Change" like this:


NOTE:  If you truly are on a Windows2000 (you might want to double check) computer and your Regional Options doesn't look like the picture above, click here to go to the bottom of this page to the "Having Trouble?" section.

  When the "Text Services" window opens, hit "Add", like this:
  When the "Add Input Language" window pops up, select "Farsi" and hit "ok", like this:
  Complete steps 3 & 4 as shown in this picture:
  Look on the right side of your task bar (on the bottom of your screen). You should see "FA" added! You may now go back to the Win2000 instructions.


OR, is it the case that you are still ...


...Having Trouble?

Of all the versions of Windows, Win2000 gives  the biggest headaches for enabling Farsi.  But take heart--it IS possible so don't give up. Many people  have written in to complain the directions for Win2000 don't work, then I tell them to sleep on it and try again and lo and behold, they write back and say, "I did the exact same thing....don't know why it wasn't working the first time!" So, don't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't work the first time. Give it a break and try again later. If it still doesn't work, read on:

Now, chances are, "Farsi"  is not appearing on your list of languages and your Regional Options looks like this:

  If your Regional Options looks like the above  (as opposed to what's in the Regional Options picture in the very top picture on this page), one remedy is to enable Arabic (AR) language. So, hit the General tab on the top, left of Regional Options. (Do you see it? Input Locales was on the right, "General" is on the left of the tabs.) Now, look for "Arabic". It's probably unchecked so check it and try to add it. It may or may not ask you to insert your original CD. After you've enabled Arabic, go back to the top of this page and proceed to enable Farsi.
  Another thing to try is getting your Windows2000 an update. Click here to go the Microsoft Service Packs Downloads. If all else fails, reinstall your Windows2000 operating system and be sure to say "yes" to custom download and "right-to left" languages.
I hope you'll figure it out.  Don't give up!  If you still have trouble, please let me know: irina@u.washington.edu.

Many thanks to other visitors to this site, most notably Kambiz Eslami of Princeton University who took the time to provide much  feedback to update the information here.

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