Persian Document Templates

In case you are not "Le vrai programmeur" and are having some trouble getting started with Word, you can just download the template examples below which are already formatted for Persian so you can just type right over the words until you get the idea.  After clicking on one of the templates, just go File and then Save to save it on your computer.

Enable your Toolbars and watch how the Right Align button and the Right to Left cursor direction button light up when you click on a Persian word in the text. 


For typing one document in both English and Persian, learn to use the Table feature.

Remember, as we said earlier, you can only type Persian when you've switched your language input indicator to FA (which stands for Farsi) and it looks like this:

You can't type Persian if you are in EN (English) mode!

You can Print your Persian document just as you would any other English one.  However, the computer you print it on must have the same font installed as the computer you typed it on, so be careful if you send it for printing on a remote computer.

Examples Using the Tahoma Font

Here are three, pre-formatted templates typed with the Tahoma font,  a Unicode-compliant font.

  1. Tahoma Word Doc in Persian 
  2. Tahoma Word Doc with 1 column, English and Persian
  3. Tahoma Word Doc with 2 columns, English and Persian

The poems used in these templates have been reproduced directly from the following book:

The Divan of Hafez : a bilingual text, Persian-English.  Translated from Persian by Reza Saberi.  Lanham : University Press of America, 2002. 

Reproduced for use only on this instructional website with the kind permission of the publisher.  Please do not republish without permission.