Style of Writing Persian

Don't even THINK you'll find any agreement on this subject

Some of the links below go to pages in Persian.  For best results a Windows computer and Internet Explorer are recommended. If you find the letter Yeh is showing up incorrectly, please get updated fonts here:



Heh+Hamzeh vs. Heh+Yeh


A typographical tour of Lesson One in the nationalized Iranian elementary school textbook


A humorous letter to the editor taken from the magazine Gol Agha


Arabic Script for Persian Language

A humorous article from on the hazards of not marking the short vowels


Formatting Conventions

Iranian Persian Conventions for time, date, names, etc (with a growing number of Afghan counterparts where usage differs from the Iranian.)


Unicode Implementation of Persian

Persian Information Interchange and Display Mechanism (PDF file, in Persian, a gold mine of information from the Farsiweb Project)


Special Symbols

Everything you did not want to know about the Asterisk  


Web Stuff

Why does my browser collapse spaces between Latin and Arabic/Hebrew text?


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