The Narrow No-Break Space

It has been suggested that it would be desirable to have a space for Persian compound words, wider than the Zero-Width Non-Joiner but narrower than the normal word space.  If such compound words occur at the end of a line they would resist word-wrap and would not break up.

The people that are for this narrow space say they are only trying to make word-processing reflect normal handwriting options.

The people against this space are afraid it will only introduce MORE chaos than we already have in Persian orthography.

The Unicode value for this character is


However, at the present time, there is NO font which contains this space.


In the picture to the left, we have an example of two compound words written in the two possible ways available today, either with  a word space or with the ZWNJ between components.



Font makers, take note of this!

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Thanks to Behdad Esfahbod and the PersianComputing list at for the inspiration for this space!