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Sunday 23 August 2009

Keyboard page was updated to include info about Unicode Characters 'RIGHT-TO-LEFT MARK' (U+200F), 'RIGHT-TO-LEFT EMBEDDING' (U+202B), 'RIGHT-TO-LEFT OVERRIDE' (U+202E) and ISIRI 9147.

Sunday 16 August 2009

Keyboard page was updated to include Ehsan Akhgari's keyboard with the modification for ZWNJ on shift+space on the Persian Experimental Keyboard.

Saturday 15 August 2009

Finally, an update to this site occurred! The Font page was redone in celebration of Behnam's having finished his x-series!

Friday 29 August 2008

First update since this major server migration! Some research by Behnam reveals that the hamza-like symbol sometimes seen in the bowl of the Kāf is actually a mini Kāf. A screen-shot from his new font (for the Ottoman subset) including this feature has been added to the Kāf page. Some other re-wording of text was deemed necessary.


Monday 14 July 2008

Added some non-standard uses of zero-width-joiner on the zwj page namely, how to disable ligatures, a problem even in Word 2007. This is important in writing  ال‍له  instead of  الله that is, without the tashdid and dagger alef. This tip brought to you by Behnam R.

Monday 9 June 2008

Finally updated the Kāf page with information (more questions than answers) on Heh Goal and Yeh Barree. The need came up while making Alphabet tests for students of Persian. This is a job which should have been done months ago, especially since Kai had written a very nice email with lots of helpful feedback!


Sunday 2 Dec 2007

Behnam R. graciously updated the Mac info page with exiting news about the new Mac called Leopard which can handle Windows fonts (Open Type), truly good news for the Mac users. Behnam is one of the movers and shakers in the Persian Mac world.

Friday 23 Nov 2007

Put a Unicode chart for both Arabic and Persian digits on the Numbers Page.  The need arose anyhow during the construction of the Addition & Subtraction Practice Tests. Since the Persianists need to know both the Arabic and Persian style numbers (the 4, 5, 6 issue) we had to provide both styles. Also on the Numbers Page gave directions for finding the "context" button if you want to type your numerals in the same language as the language of the rest of your text in Word.

Monday 19 Nov 2007

Now I have finally, finally, finally added a modified English keyboard for "scholars" to type Persian in Latin transliteration. I started making that keyboard about 4-5 years ago. When Peter resurfaced last year, he kindly fixed the `ayn and hamza (in exchange for my promising to put a vocab list of spices over in the language area which is under construction (what the devil he needs such a list for in Atlantis is anyone's guess) so now Artyom has also put a few flourishes on it and it's now available for public consumption on the Perso-Arabic transliteration page.

Sunday 18 Nov 2007

Artyom and I finally pulled the plug on all the remaining files on /persian/ under whose jurisdiction falls this wordprocessing section. Everything is now on /rfpit/. I'm sure the users have been greatly inconvenienced and I don't know how to apologize so am not going to but I'll try to make it up to them by updating a few things. For example, the fonts section gets news of the new Iranian nasta`liq OT font.

Thursday 24 May 2007

Updated the how-to on page numbering in Persian thanks to Hossein N's tip which only now, 3 months later I have found time to do.

Sunday 14 May 2007

Added a Persian keyboard for Windows Vista after getting the rude shock that the one for WinXP doesn't work for Vista since there is also a new version of the MSKLC with which it was built. (I'm talking about our custom keyboard since we don't like the one that ships with Windows.) Thanks to Artem for speedily making a new one though I was less successful in getting Behdad to provide that from farsiweb though I have not completely given up.

Saturday 5 May 2007

Totally revamped the fonts page.

Saturday 30 Sept 2006

Added a new Keyboard Layout Chart which Cyrus Adam kindly sent in hoping it would help others who are used to typing according to the English (US) layout. That's on the keyboard page.

Thurs 6 May 2006

Updated the templates page a little on the occasion of the 1st-year Persian students having a 200-word typed composition to hand in for their final!

Thurs 9 Feb 2006

After some helpful feedback from Pejman, amended a few points in the technical terminology section concerning the different names of Persian / Farsi, etc.

Thurs 9 Feb 2006

Posted Behnam's updated version of the Xzar font

Tues 9 Aug 2005

Put a link to memug  the new Mac Middle Eastern Scripts group on mac.html

Tues 9 Aug 2005

Put a humorous picture on numbers.htm

Tues 26 July 2005

Can't believe it was necessary to migrate this whole website again.  Well, here it is, hopefully for many years to come at

Fri 20 May 2005

Just heard about a new full-feature but user-friendly Persian Email Program which is suitable for those who can't enable FA (Farsi) input on their computer but need to send emails in Persian.   Definitely need to make a new section one of these days with general info on what's available for Persian emailing.

Thurs 7 Apr 2005

Replaced Behnam's Xzar font with an updated version.

Sun 3 Apr 2005

Finally migrated this website from U of Wash to U of Texas.  Despite repeated warnings UW still hasn't expired the account but no point thinking they're going to forget forever.

Sun 3 Apr 2005

Added new section to solicit Persian help. Take the roundabout way.

Sun 3 Apr 2005

Added news of Behnam's Xzar font which he's been sweating over for the past two years. Unicode, has both Perso-Arabic and Latin characters and works on both PC and Mac.

Fri 28 Jan 2005

Got a tip from a visitor on how to get numbers to appear in Persian on Win2000 using "context" in Word. Put it on numbers.htm

Thu 27 Jan 2005

Got notice from Univ of Washington that the website will expire at midnight.  It was long-overdue news. Hastily migrated site to its new location.  Removed the UW chrome from the site but keeping the old version around for sentimental reasons.

Tues 4 Jan 2005

Added one link to with all specs on ZWNJ and another link to with all the specs on ZWJ. Take the roundabout way zwnj.htm and zwj.htm respectively.

Mon 3 Jan 2005

Added a link to an illustrated article on the history of the first Perso-Arabic fonts which Fiona Ross just told me about. Take the roundabout way.

Fri 31 Dec 2004

Created new section for Latin transliteration of Perso-Arabic based on ALA/Library of Congress system. Includes keyboard for easy input of these Latin characters. Take the roundabout way.

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