Perso-Arabic in Latin transliteration

For Win2000 and WinXP  and Vista. 

Here are instructions for enabling the keyboard.

Just downloading and installing your keyboard is not enough. You actually have to ENABLE it too! Don't worry, since your computer is already enabled for ENglish, you are merely adding a keyboard (a new input method) which simplifies matters greatly.

1)  Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options

2) Languages > Details


3) Keyboard layout/IME > perlat > OK

4) Languages > Apply > OK

5) Look at the keyboard icon which has appeared on your taskbar. (If you instead have a language bar, it will be there next to EN which stands for English.)

6) When you press on the keyboard icon, this white box appears giving the two options for English keyboards you now have. 

7) You may toggle back and forth between keyboards. It is recommended you only use your regular English keyboard unless you are actually have a need for the special characters.